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Land Use And Zoning

When your home, building or property is at stake and you are caught in the legal morass of government regulation, and public objection to your project, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Our firm has many years of experience with zoning matters and land use disputes.

Mr. Pierce and his team have worked with private citizens, businesses and municipalities on land use and zoning issues. Because of the complexities and difficulties involved in navigating these cases, our experience makes us well suited to tackle these issues. We work to protect our clients’ rights and ensure they are being treated fairly and justly by both governmental entities and competing public groups.

Mr. Pierce has a wealth of experience in this area of law as well as in the fundamentals of government land use planning. Prior to commencing his legal career, Mr. Pierce completed a Master’s degree at California State University, Northridge in Environmental Health Sciences and worked for the Santa Barbara County Environmental Services Department where he was involved in land use and planning evaluation and weekly representation of cases before the County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors and regularly appeared before regulatory agencies and legislative bodies at all levels. At a prior law firm of Haines, Russ, McMurry and DeRecat, he handled environmental clean-up cases and co-authored a chapter in the definitive treatise on Eminent Domain in California, found in every California law library. Mr. Pierce’s knowledge of land use and planning also encompasses water/environmental law and conflict and hazardous materials.

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