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Protecting Your Business Interest in Commercial Construction

A high-rise building, a large residential project or other commercial property is a significant investment, often involving many different parties with multiple interests. When a problem arises with construction, whether it is during the project or after completion, much is at stake. Time is of the essence, but a resulting legal claim also is incredibly complex.

When construction defects threaten business interests involved in commercial properties, owners and investors need a legal team that places the company’s goals at the forefront. At Pierce Construction Law, our attorneys thrive on digging into complicated cases where our experience can be particularly helpful. Led by founding attorney, David H. Pierce, our firm brings to the table more than 30 years of experience in the Los Angeles area and throughout California. For our clients that means highly efficient and effective representation leading to successful results.

Example: Wilshire Vermont Station (Los Angeles) – For more than 5 years beginning in 2012, Mr. Pierce led the ground assault of a massive multi-party construction defect lawsuit against over 50 contractors, subcontractors and design professionals. Wilshire Vermont has been noteworthy as one of the hardest fought, “leave no stone unturned” legal battles in the annals of California complex construction defect litigation. Mr. Pierce was seminal in the management, prosecution and settlement of this highly complex and contentious legal marathon and was tasked with marshalling for discovery, settlement or trial millions of construction documents, taking multiple percipient and expert depositions, answering thousands of pages of written discovery and researching and responding to dozens of defense motions attempting to obtain dismissal of the claim. The firm organized and led a team of experts during many days of destructive testing, culminating with not only comprehensive defect and damage information, but the necessary photographs and videos to visually persuade defendants and insurance carriers that the plaintiff’s allegations had merit. Because of the size of the case and multi-million dollar demands by the plaintiff, over 350 days of depositions were taken. Mr. Pierce prepared and took or defended over 100 of those depositions. In 2018 after numerous multi-day mediation sessions, the case settled for $55 million---the largest construction defect settlement of 2018 in Southern California.

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