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Our Los Angeles Based Firm Is Dedicated To The Aggressive Representation Of Property Owners Who Have Suffered Damages From Construction Defects

Pierce Construction Law was founded in 2019 by David H. Pierce, a seasoned construction defect attorney with over 30 years of experience in trial and alternative dispute resolution. Mr. Pierce was a senior member of the preeminent construction defect law firm Castro & Associates, until the untimely passing of Mr. Castro, and Pierce Construction Law was formed.

Mr. Pierce and his team are highly skilled construction defect attorneys specializing in multi-party litigation and well known for their accomplishments throughout the construction litigation industry. The veteran members of the firm are among the most qualified construction defect litigators in California.

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Whether you are an owner of residential property, commercial property, or a Home Owners Association (HOA), defective construction can ruin your investment and put lives at risk. As leading litigators with a proven track record in complex multi-party construction defect cases, our mission is to protect your rights and recover your losses and restore your peace of mind.

Your Best Outcome is Our Goal

To rapidly prepare your case and develop trial-ready evidence to move your case to a successful resolution in the most cost-effective manner is our primary goal. Our successful record of accomplishments shows that our lawyers move quickly and efficiently to meet your goals. Our information systems department is state of the art with use of a database system that can collate and search millions of documents and in-house engineering technicians who use the latest technology to bring visuals and 3-D graphics to life to illustrate the cause of your injury or property damage.

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The Firm’s Attorneys Have More Than 30 Years Of Experience Practicing Construction Litigation In California.

Our past successes have involved a wide variety of cases dealing with:

Innovators in the Field

We are among the few attorneys who actually “get their hands dirty” by going to your property to investigate and document conditions to efficiently and effectively prepare and prosecute your case to a successful conclusion.

We are one of the few law firms that goes out into the field to perform our own independent investigation and failure analysis, whether it is a collapse or other construction defect that resulted in injury or property damage. We are equally at home climbing between walls in hard hats or in a courtroom presenting forensic evidence to a jury. Our firm has earned its reputation as respected innovators in destructive testing, site investigations, failure analysis and construction litigation.

Our firm does not shy away from complicated cases, rather we dig in… We will dig into highly complex, multi-party cases involving structural engineering, design and construction. We will dig in to find facts and we are driven by the belief that if you work hard, and understand the construction trail you will be successful. The long list of legal victories by Mr. Pierce and his team has proven that to be true. These cases have changed our client’s lives -- and the industry -- and for the better.

Innovators in Case Management

We fast track analysis of facts, law and insurance coverage of your case with expedited defect analysis and evidence collection to facilitate an early presentation of the case to the insurance companies and contractors. We maintain consistent communication with our clients with frequent collaborative discussions with visual presentations addressing:

Innovators in the Courtroom

Trial is expensive and our goal is to obtain a favorable result for you with minimum cost, and we pride ourselves on meeting client expectations by a obtaining a resolution with settlement discussions or mediation. BUT the reputation of the team members of Pierce Construction Law precedes us -- we will try cases and take insurance companies, developers and contractors to task if necessary. The cases we accept are generally complex with a difficult set of facts and conditions as well as being document intensive requiring special tools and specially trained personnel to utilize those tools effectively to present your case.

The firm is fluent in the best methods to present evidence of your claims to a judge, jury, arbitrator or mediator in a manner that is direct and easy to comprehend for those not familiar with construction. We do this with visual, digestible pieces of information that show people how a project was designed and how it differs from what was built. These differences are often the construction defects that lead to property damage and personal injury – and potential significant financial losses. Our firm goes the extra mile to ensure we have the best presentation of your defects and damages, employing in-house 3-D graphic technicians who use the latest technology to bring these visuals to life.

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