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Castro & Associates are high tech trial attorneys and specialists in multi-party construction litigation.  We are experts in California construction, defect and property law. The firm is a pioneer in handling death, injury and property damage cases from construction defects and collapses in existing structures.  Castro & Associates has proudly recovered over $300,000,000 on behalf of their clients.

In 2009, Castro & Associates tried and won the first death cases resulting from the collapse of an URM building during the San Simeon Earthquake.  In the landmark case Myrick v. Mastagni, California building owners were held liable for failing to retrofit unreinforced buildings that cause death or injury to occupants.  The case went to the California Supreme Court and was ordered published.

In 2003, Castro & Associates represented plaintiffs in Bel Air Crest, a case that involved 52 defendants after homeowners sustained water intrusion and damage.  63 experts were retained, 83 depositions were taken, four appellate writs filed by the defendants were denied and over 200,000 documents were produced.  In the end, Plaintiffs recovered approximately $13 million. 

After the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, Castro & Associates became lead trial counsel for the 16 deaths and 230 injuries that resulted from the collapse of the Northridge Meadows soft story apartment complex.  Castro & Associates set a new standard for invasive inspections and photo documentation by obtaining an injunction against demolition until experts could perform a full failure analysis and so his clients could retrieve their belongings from the quake site.   

All our attorneys have extensive construction backgrounds and experience. Surprisingly, we are among the few attorneys who actually get their hands dirty by going into the field to investigate conditions to better prepare your case.  Each litigator is supported by multiple staff members, paralegals, and legal assistants. The veteran members of the firm are among the most qualified in the Southland, earning the highest national legal rating for "pre-eminent legal ability." Our accomplishments are well known in the industry.

We were the first construction law firm to:
1. Win a punitive damage award in a construction defect case.
2. Win the first death cases resulting from unreinforced masonry buildings.
3. Win a “gross negligence” defect, mold infestation and personal injury case.
4. Win a 10 month jury trial for deep landfill failure in a land subsidence case.
5. Win an engineering design defect case in a 4 month jury trial.
6. Win the first structural flat slab jury award.
Defective construction cases
Construction injury/death cases
Landslides, soils, slope failures
Earthquake, structural damage cases
Construction insurance cases
Water intrusion, mold cases
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We believe that fair treatment is the right of every citizen of California.  That right is embodied in your home and workplace where the safety of your family, livelihood, and future is supposed to be secure.  It is our mission to ensure that your family, your home, your workplace, and your future are protected to the fullest extent of the law. 
To listen carefully and understand your problems.  To rapidly prepare your lawsuit with trial ready evidence that moves your case to a successful resolution - all in the most cost effective manner. 
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